How to Play Road To College Success

Number of players: 4 -10 players + game leader + banker

“Road to College Success” is a fun, interactive, instructional game for high school and college students. It orients them on the basics of freshman life at college.

Players have 3 goals :

  1. (a) register for 4 classes,
  2. (b) manage their personal budget,and
  3. (c) discuss life scenarios presented.
  1. 1)   Players circle the board trying to obtain their core classes, and pay their bills. Twice around is one college semester.
  2. 2)   During the semester, players will encounter college-life scenarios where they must make a choice. This allows the game leader to
          address the 5 main topics in the game. (See sample Life Choices cards below)
  3. 3)   Players have a salaried job and monthly expenses. They must manage their money to pay their bills.
  4. 4)   During the semester, players will encounter chance situations that move them forwards or backwards on the game board.
          Other situations will increase or decrease their cash flow. (See sample Chance Cards below)
  5. 5)   Players will also manage a credit card with a $250 limit.
  6. 6)   Players will engage in social activities during the semester.
  7. 7)   All players that end the semester with their bills paid and all their core classes win the game!
Cards In The Game

Click on Life Choices or Chance cards to view samples.

"Life Choices Cards" present common college-life scenarios in each of the live focal areas (academic and scheduling mgmt, money mgmt, dorm living, social life, and health & safety).They, along with Chance Cards, are the heart of the college orientation aspect of the game.Players and the game leader discuss scenarios during play.
"Budget Cards" are the heart of the Financial management petal the game. Players get their own Budget Card that states their financial situation in college. Their job is to control their spending to pay their bills at the end the month. Personal Budget Card
Your Salary : $420
Your Living Situation described
Your Monthly Bills :
Cell Phone $ 80
Toiletries $ 30
Books $ 40
Rent $ 200
Car Note $ 200
Insurance $ 60
Credit Card : Limit $ 250
"Chance Cards" present actions or choices that players could do or make during college. Just as in college, there are rewards and penalties for these actions or choices. Other Chance Cards are used to create cash now throughout the game (unexpected bills, unexpected cash gifts, and paid social activities).