The full program consists of the following 3 parts. Schools can obtain a 16-hour curriculum license if they wish to buy the entire program. We are excited about coming to you soon!

PART 1 : Math Skills - Integrated Simulation
(choose one)

Road To College Success (transitioning older teens with a college focus)


Budget Mania (help pre-teens to young adults with money skills)

For details, see the WINGames page

PART 2 : Taking The Fear Out of Banking,
Borrowing and Balancing a Checkbook

This segment gives an overview of banking, gaining income, saving and the use of cash, credit, checks and debit cards. Our “Let’s Do A Deal” activity keeps the energy high. Checkbook balancing goes wild using “Busy Banking”. Teens learn financial literacy without falling asleep!

PART 3 : Interactive Budgeting Simulation

This segment begins with a mail call where students get an envelope filled with bills and their paycheck. Their goal is to create a budget using a simple 5 step process.Can they do it? Of course we help along the way!

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