Number of players : 6 – 12 players

To get acquainted with players in the game.
  1. 1)  Players at a table are split into 2 teams.
  2. 2)  Team 1 asks team 2 a get acquainted question.
  3. 3)  Team 2 writes answers & swaps them with their team members.
  4. 4)  Team 1 tries to figure out which answer belongs to which player. If they get half the answers correct, they check a sandwich item on
          the “Build Your Sandwich” card.
  5. 5)  Teams trade places and the next round starts (repeat 2 - 6).
  6. 6)  The first team to build their sandwich wins!
Sample Questions In The Game
  1. 1)  When it comes to personality, your friend's say…
    1. a) you’re a riot, the life of the party
    2. b) you’re outgoing and friendly
    3. c) you’re low-key and easy going
    4. d) you’re deep and spiritual
  2. 2)  Describe your version of a fun-filled date.
  3. 3)  Describe your most rewarding job experience.
  4. 4)  List 3 qualities that are most important to you in a friend.
  5. 5)  On a first date, which of the following personality types most irritate you ?
    1. a) the tight-wad
    2. b) the complainer
    3. c) the chatterbox
    4. d) the smooth talker
  6. 6)  Write down the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word success period.