How to Play Budget Mania

Number of players: 4 -10 players + 2 bankers

“Budget Mania” is a fun, math-based, instructional game for ages 11 through adult. It demonstrates the practical
application of algebra in everyday living and teaches money management skills. Players must manage their personal
budget by paying their bills, meeting their saving goal and clearing the balance on extra credit cards. Can they do this
and keep in mind the true purpose of money? We hope so!
  1. 1)  Players circle the board trying to manage their budget and pay their bills. Each time around the board is 1 month.

         Players have a salaried job and monthly expenses.They can pay expenses using cash or credit.

         Players also have a savings goal and must meet this goal by game end.

  2. 2)  During the game, players must answer 3 algebra problems on Go Figure It Cards. They win cash for correct answers.
  3. 3)  During the game, players will encounter situations that will increase or decrease their cash flow.
  4. 4)  Players manage a base credit card with a $500 limit at 10% interest. They can also obtain extra credit cards during play.
  5. 5)  All players that end the game having paid all their bills, met their savings goal and zeroed the balance on extra credit cards; win the          game!
Cards In The Game

Click on cards to view samples.

“Budget Adjustment Cards” present adjustments to player’s base budget and expenses as described on their Personal Budget Card.

Personal Budget Card
Your Salary : $420
Your Living Situation described
Your Monthly Bills :
Cell Phone $ 80
Toiletries $ 30
Books $ 40
Rent $ 200
Car Note $ 200
Insurance $ 60
Credit Card Limit $ 550
Saving Goal $ 250

“Budget Cards” states players financial situation. Their job is to pay their monthly bills and meet their savings goals by game end!

"Chance Cards" are used to create cash flow throughout the game Players will have unexpected bills, unexpected cash gifts, shopping sprees, and other ways to spend or gain CASH.

“Go Figure It Cards” present algebra problems for players to solve. If they solve it correctly, they get extra cash!

There are 3 levels or GFI cards

Level 1.
Math problems for grades 6th, 7th & 8th (all 40 are one-step equations)
Level 2.
Math problems for grade 9th & 10th (a mix or two-step equations and word problems)
Level 3.
Math problems for 11th grade through adult (more word problems than 3-step equations)
Please select the card level at checkout by entering it in the notes box. Otherwise, you will be sent Level 2 by default.