About Us

Witty Inventions in (WIN) Multimedia Designs, LLC is a media design and production company that has its roots in designing innovative and interactive games. We have been professionals in the media design industry for over 20 years with 15 years experience in education and training which aids in our design process.

We work with schools and colleges to enhance academic programs by providing innovative games, workshops and learning tools for students. Our tools are designed to infuse energy and excitement into school programs to help students like learning, and live responsibly. Areas of emphasis are:

    Financial literacy for teens,
    Money management workshops, and
    College orientation ideas and tools to address transition.

Another strong aspect of our media business is producing video stories from collections of pictures and previously-shot video. We design montages for a variety of venues including birthdays, reunions, weddings, business applications, and fashion. We also create inspirational shorts. We Make Your Story Come Alive!

These video products are not showcased on our site yet, so contact us if you’re interested in this aspect of our business. 

At WIN, we pride ourselves on product quality, integrity, fair product pricing and exceptional customer service. Our business slogan is "High-Quality, On-Time, Tailored-fit Solution at a Fare Cost".

Designing Interactive Educational Games and Tools (WINGames)
Delivering fun, energetic financial literacy and money management workshops to schools and other youth-based groups.
Creating inspirational video montages and movie shorts for a variety of business and consumer applications.
"High-Quality, On-Time, Tailored-fit Solution at a Fare Cost."